•  The drivers side power window door glass in my Lincoln Town car has stopped working in the middle of  it's operation and won't work any more.   I can hear the motor operate, but it doesn't do anything, Can  Merrillville auto Glass & Trim repair this for me? 

We sure can! In most cases in vehicles like yours, it usually requires replacing the entire power window regulator unit that  raises your window up and down.  Over the years we have found that this is a common problem on many vehicles that use this  type of design.  Unfortunately the unit itself is what is referred to these days as a "non serviceable item" and cannot be  repaired, your only option is to have it replaced.  For information on having us do the repair work for you just click this link and  it will take you to our Door glass power window regulator repair and replacement page
In an effort to save weight many auto manufacturers began using various designs of this  type of door glass regulators.  Ford by far isn't the only manufacturer that uses this type of  door glass window regulator as they are commonly found in everything from Chevrolet to  Nissan’s.  One of the main problems we see happening is that the plastic parts carry the  entire weight of the door glass and become aged and deteriorate to the point that they  fatigue and release the cable. The second most common problem is that the plastic that  retains the lead anchor attached to the end of the cable fatigues and detaches from the  cable.  When that happens the cables become tangled and damaged beyond repair in the  drum/pulley mechanism that the motor or window crank turns to raise and lower the door glass window

• What about replacing it with a used power window door glass regulator assembly? We will be happy to do that for you but from experience we recommend you replace the window regulator with a new “OEM” or  after market “OEE” window regulator.  A used assembly sounds like a good idea but in the reality of this situation it  absolutely isn't.  Keep in mind that a door glass window regulator of this type must endure a significant load.  Buying a used part that is at or about the same age as the broken one your replacing isn't a good idea.  Most  regulator assemblies must be contorted or manipulated to remove and replace the units within the vehicle  door which places stress on the older as well as brittle plastic parts.  Many times even when it appears all is  well the plastic parts will have small fractures you may not see at the time but after the first few times of  operation one or more of the parts will fail and you will be right back here buying a new one in a very  short time frame.  One major thing to consider is that when these parts fail it's very possible that the door  glass could fall to the bottom the door and be broken leading to an even more expensive repair.  These  types of window regulators work well as long as they aren't subjected to any additional loads.  If you take  care of them they will do their job for a very long time.
 Things you can do to help prolong the life of your window regulators. 

1. Operate the window at least once a week.  This will help the windows keep from becoming stuck in the glass run  channels they operate in as well as lubricate the regulator mechanism and electric motor bushings.  

2. "Never" operate your windows especially an automatic power window in frozen icy conditions as they can be  literally frozen to the Glass Run Channels. Operating the window in that situation can and will cause major  stress on the frozen plastic parts possibly causing them to shatter or pull apart. 

 3. Keep the window felts that the glass travels up and down in clean,  lubricated and protected with a product such as "STP's Son of a Gun"  on the rubber window felt glass run channels.  Some people even  use products like WD-40.  Be careful what you use as some of these  products can attack the very item your trying to protect so read the  product labels carefully
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