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Not everthing can be done at home

by Sueann Blackwell-Merrillville Auto Glass & Trim on 05/16/10

We know in these time saving money is a priority, BUT

We are seeing more and more customers trying to do their inteirors and tops at home - and when things don't go as planed- they bring them to us. Now not only are they paying us to redue the job- sometime we have to get a new convertible top because they cut holes in the wrong place and there is no way to repair the problem. They may be purchasing everthing all over again.

Some tops are okay to purchase again,  but when you get into some tops you could be talking thousands - because you may have to replace top, headliner and pads all over again. 

Some people say oh that much I can do it myself!  and save this money - but in reality - tops and inteirors need special tools and sometimes feness- to get them to come out looking the way we do. 

this  month we have had two customers purchase items and tried to install themselfs.

One had to purchase all new fabric and them paid us to install his item on his motorcycle seat. 

the second-  the customer attempted to put the rubber set window in their volkswagon top themselves.  When the top would not go in - they brought it to us. 

Yes we are able to "fix" the mistake  and get the window in - but since the hole was already cut into the top, pads and headliner we had to put it back in the same place- which was 1. too low ( they will not be able to put there top down) 2. Off center which really shows now that the glass is in.  There are a couple of other problems but those are livable.

Convertible tops are not an hour job.  They can take over 8 hours with more than one person working on them. We only use Stainless Steel Staples and our glues are for automotive tops which will last. And we have the correct tools to do the job.

We may have to put a top on - put it all together - then look at the top- if there are any adjustments - you take the whole thing apart - adjust - put it all back together and look at it again.  If we are not happy - we take it apart again - adjust - put it back together again  --- get the picture?  very time consuming--

So, please  don't try it yourself-- after we  install a top if properly taken care of can last 10 years. 

Thanks for reading


both these customer could have saved themselves a headach and money - by bring it to us first.


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