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Wiper Blades

by Sueann Blackwell-Merrillville Auto Glass & Trim on 10/24/10

While eating at Grand Park Cafe, I overheard a gentleman tell a woman to not replace her worn wiper blades - to wait till spring so winter won't mess up her new ones.  It took everything I had not to correct the gentleman.

What was he thinking - saving money  but sacricing vision in implement  weather? how could he even justify safety? 

You should change your wiperblades now and in the spring.  Worn wiper blades not only make seeing while drining in implement weather - but keeping your windshield from getting glass scratches from worn blades.

Yes, good wiper blades and not cheap these days. We just purchased a set for a BMW 330 ci and they were  $62 for the set. 

Being able to see is pricless and may save you from an accident. 

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