We know your boat brings you great pleasure-
 and it is always cheaper to fix the one you have than to purchase a new one.  

Don't settle for the carbon copies for your boat upholstery - We have many colors to choose from all made by Enduratex specially made for boats upholstery 

We solves your upholstery problems by providing superior personal service 
quality work and Materials  delivered on time at competitive prices!

Start Early so you can enjoy your boat, Jet Ski Sooner 

That way your boats interior will be done in May 
when you want to get your boat into the water with out waiting
Boat interiors can take weeks to do .  . and we book up early!
the end of the season - bring them to us and we can do them in the winter.  You will be ready to go in the Spring.

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Closed: Saturday & Sunday
Captains Chair - upholstery - don't settle for stamped collection.
These covers were brought in and we installed them for our customer - Keep your jet ski looking new and in good shape.
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Boat seat Bottoms
65 Engine cover front view
Rear of boat seat back
Working on some rear seat bench
this is why we steam your foam on your boat cushions - it brings the foam back to its original size making you seat look new again- plus it kills all the bacteria that was in them .
Boat seat back rest
Gray boat seat bottoms
Some more boat seat bottoms
Red Bucket before
Red bucket after
Red bucket seat - cover snaps on
Boat Engine Cover Upholstery
Custom Boat Deck
Care and maintenance 

Your new custom canvas product is important after the initial purchase. You purchased the very best custom made top or enclosure, now you need to maintain that pride of ownership for years to come.

Your canvas should be washed at least once a year. You can wash it with a gentle detergent and a brush (rinse thoroughly). Also, you can wash it in a full size washing machine ( available at some laundry mats)  Here in Merrillville - the one at 61St and Harrison has a super capacity washer . Air dry only. Canvas can not be put in dryer. It will shrink and/or burn. Poles may have to be adjusted since canvas will stretch and shrink over time. 

Windows should be cleaned and polished regularly with a soft cloth. You can use any of the products designed for this, available at your local marine supply store. We recommend plastic polish . which we have in stock. Furniture polish is not recommended since it can build up a residue.

Zippers should be cleaned with a brush, and then a silicone spray should be applied. Be careful to not get it on the windows. Do not use the "stick" kind of lubricant. It leaves behind a residue that makes it difficult to operate the zipper. Bar soap can be added to ease in operation. 
Note: We carry zipper lubricate for your zippers! 

Fasteners should be lubricated regularly both on the boat and on the canvas. Any type of clear lubrication is fine. Grease should not be used as it will discolor the canvas. Some fasteners should be replaced if they have seen signs of wear. 

It is always advisable to clean your canvas and windows before storage. They must be perfectly dry before storing. 

Tarps should not be put on over canvas. Windy conditions can cause them to rub through the canvas, causing rips and holes, and costly repairs. 

Canvas can be folded; windows cannot. Windows should be stored either lying flat with sheets or towels in between them or rolled up in a protective tube.

Traveling Covers
Only covers specifically designed for on-the-road travel, should be used while Traveling. You should never trailer a boat with the enclosure or bimini top up. The high rate of wind speed can destroy them. If they do survive the trip, the dirt and grime will have scratched the glass or soiled the canvas. 

Also, accidents can happen. If your top flies off, it could blind another driver! 

Even covers that are designed for travel need to be cared for correctly. Do not use straps across the cover. The straps can cause chaffing, and ultimately, rip through the cover. Inflatable balls and intertube can be placed under cover making air and water flow off the cover better. 

​Never put a tarp or ​Never put a tarp or plastic over a cover for storage.  While it is okay to put a plastic tart over thing over a cover for storage.  While it is okay to put a plastic tart over things while you are painting your house, or under a pine tree dripping. Plastic do not breathe and traps the ​moisture.

Mildews & Don’ts

  Do recognize when mildew and mold appear on your fabrics
  Don’t ignore it; mold and mildew won’t go away by themselves
  Do have your items cleaned, or clean them yourself
  Don’t hesitate to call on us with your questions or concerns

Mildew and mold, which are classified as fungi, are simple microscopic organisms that can thrive anywhere in a warm, moist environment. Mildew refers to a surface fungi, usually appearing as powdery, patches of grey or white. Mold looks fuzzy or slimy, and comes in various colors.

Once it appears on your outdoor fabrics, it must be removed or it can cause fabric decomposition and an unhealthy condition. It’s also unsightly! Soil provides the food for this unwanted growth. That’s why we recommend regular fabric cleaning, and storing of items in a dry, well-ventilated area.

Lichens are organisms consisting of fungus and green algae, growing together in a symbiotic relationship. When organic particles such as pollen settle onto the surface of trees or rocks, for example, under the right conditions they can grow into green algae. Add air- or water-borne fungus microorganisms such as mold, and you have a recipe for lichens can grow on outdoor fabrics too, as it appears on these awnings, if not regularly maintained. Extra care must be taken to clean items covered with lichen, but we are equal to the task!