Auto Glass Replacement NW Indiana : Questions Asked and FYI and More!

Auto Glass Replacement NW Indiana

by Sueann Blackwell-Merrillville Auto Glass & Trim on 01/01/14

Just want to talk a little about auto glass replacement in Winter months. 

Windshields and Back Glasses should not be replace outdoors.  The weather is too cold for porper adheshion and dry times for urethanes. 

Ask if your installer is using a cold weather Urethane?   If they are using a regular urethane the safe driveaway time could be weeks! Below is a chart of each manufacture of urethane - which give min temp for install and how long safe driveaway time is

I can not count how many times people have told me that you take way to long to install a windshield.... " I had my windsheild installed before and I was out within an hour "-" or he did it in my drive way in 45 mins"

It amasies me, that now one has told them the importance of semi drying in the correct temperture before driving the vehicle,  or  to limit their driving or not driving on the Highway the first day .

I Know we are in at fast pased world - and everyone has thing to do, we are so busy,  But FAST WINDSHIELD REPLACEMENTS  Should not be one of those.

I can tell you the most purchase urethane is DOW  U418  hv

Right now we are using Dow Beta One with a 1 hour driveaway time at 0 degrees Which cost three times  as much as the Dow u418hv

So, in closing not all glass installation's are the same - going on price alone should be troublesome - and if they do it in your driviway while snowing you should be worried.....

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