Convertible Tops- Leaking : Questions Asked and FYI and More!

Convertible Tops- Leaking

by Sueann Blackwell-Merrillville Auto Glass & Trim on 04/02/11

Lots of questions about convertible tops last month about leaking and drips.

1. Convertible top replacements do not come with new weather strips.

  On most convertible tops - we do not have to take all the weather strips off to install a new top.  They may not line up exactly where the old top let them.   Your new top will be tighter than your old one (hence the break in period needed.) Your convertible top weather strips should be cleaned twice a year- and can be adjusted back and forth to properly align them together. Remember, your old weather strips could be compressed and flatted from your old top - so they may not be hitting glass and body like they should.

A top is basically a "skin" that goes over your existing frame and attaches in the rear and front- the sides are kept down by side cables. But remember if your car is a '98 - your weather strips, frame and components are 14 years old.

If you have had a new convertible top install and are having leakage problems you will need to have your convertible top weatherstrips replaced.

With that said - We would always recommend replacing ;

    * Convertible top
    * Rear curtain
    * Side Cables
    * Rear Cables (if applicable)
    * Pads Front
    * Pads Rear if applicable)
    * Well (some cars)
    * Complete Convertible top weather strips
    * Framing components that could be worn
    * Latch handles - they get worn and sometime also stretch.

The cost to do a complete Convertible top replacement with extra's could put it to the $2,000 range but replacing all the component on the frame with new will bring your top to top notch status.

See our convertible top page for more information on tops and care and cleaning

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