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Merrillville Auto Glass & Restyling
8606 Mississippi St – Merrillville IN – 46410
Hours are : Monday – Friday
9:00am to 5:00PM
(219) 769-1905
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We only install up to years 2010

 A view of the stars. A breath of fresh air. Freedom. Independence. A sunroof has become a popular automotive option simply because it's so good at triggering our emotions.

While many vehicles come from the factory with a sunroof, any model that's lacking in the open air department can easily get a retrofit. 

The question is which type of sunroof to choose.

There are the simple, economical pop-up designs. They feature a glass panel that can be tilted open to vent some hot air or removed for even more airflow. Not only are pop-up sunroofs the least expensive design, they also can be installed in virtually any vehicle, since they require a minimum of room. Some people even opt to install two petite pop-ups, side-by-side, for twin sunroof styling and independent driver and passenger operation.

pop up sunroofs
8606 Mississippi Street   
  Merrillville IN 46410  
   (219) 769-1905
9:00 am to 5pm
 Monday - Friday
aftermarket pop up sunroofs
Pop Sunroofs sizes range: 
14x32,16x36, 17x32, 18x28, 20x32, 22x38 
sunroof glass repair

We specialize in sunroof repairs in:
Factory and Aftermarket Sunroofs

From Factory Sunroofs to Aftermarket 
we can get new glass, and fix you non working sunroof. 

And if money is an issue - we can even seal shut your sunroof for you 

Sunroof Repairs    

We offer repairs for most types of sunroof.  Sunroof repairs are a very specialized type of service that most places do not offer . There have been numerous companies making sunroofs over the decades.  Unfortunately, many are now out of business.  We off the ability to identify your sunrros and hopefully be able to acquire the parts needed.  If parts are no longer available, we will be able to offer a replacement roof best for your car in most cases. Our experience and business network enables up to identify obsolete or vintage sunroof.  We can offer solutions for those owner who have been unable to solve their sunroof problems.