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Vinyl Tops / Cloth Tops

Add a classic touch to collector cars and to current model cars as well. We're proud to offer vinyl roofs made from the finest materials, and cut to precise patterns by skilled and experienced craftspeople. All of our vinyl roofs feature premium polyester thread in all seams, for the ultimate in strength and durability. Choose factory-original authentic style seams, or universal center seams… even double french seams. You may prefer authentic and factory-correct vinyl materials and grains, or totally different custom materials. 
As you can see - not all tops Installations are the same.  Click on Pictues below to see our work.  And we have purchases the last stock of color Key moldings to finish off the your vinyl top .
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Orginal top levant with double seam full vinyl top Simulated shell top gray clothChevelle Top with double seams Half top with white color key moldingHalf top in Hot rod purple cloth Full top paddedFull top in Hot Rod Red Cloth Van Top covered in dk briar brown vinyl top materialsCloth 1/2 top in tan clothReplacement top on shell top with embrodery Shell top in tan cloth Full top with no padding black Full Limo Top replaced
Just a taste of some of the tops we have done over the past 20 years
We only use first quality materials never seconds.
(the material is constant- no thick or thin parts)
The foam we use is a hard poly foam that does not absorb water.
(keeping your car finish from holding water)
Full , Half, quarter Vinyl Tops Padded or unpadded

Original old school tops with double seams and original materials or halo rear windows
The below job didn't start out looking this good. 
This customer brought in their car for a replacement vinyl top.  When we remove the top all the damage was reveled! Here at Merrillville Auto Glass & Restyling we can do the body work needed to get your car back to where it should be
Check out the photos below (just click photos for a bigger look
Note: none of this was visible before we removed the top.

   This is one of the most popular restyling techniques for new cars. These roof treatments give a car a greater touch of class. The top consists of a fiberglass shell which is molded for the specific car, an outer skin, and in most cases, chrome moldings. The skin is laminated to the shell. The shell is then rivetted and siliconed to the metal roof, and then the moldings are screwed in place. These tops add a flair of styling to an otherwise bare metal roof giving your car that look of luxury which sets it apart from the rest. We can install a Simulated Top on a new car or on an older car which never had one. We can also replace an old top which is damaged or worn.

Style Options
Many colors & design options are available to meet your taste by E&G Classics and Jaycore

Vinyl or Cloth
A cloth skin is a more attractive and durable material. A vinyl skin is slightly easier to clean and is slightly more economical. We always recommend cloth unless you are replacing a skin which was originally vinyl and you want to keep it original. Both are available in a wide array of colors.

Full Top or Half Top
Most models are designed to take full tops while some allow the option of a half top as well. Half tops have front molding/bands with or without integrated accent lighting. The cost for both is about the same. If you have a moonroof and choose a full top, the shell is cut out around the moonroof. If you choose a half top, the shell ends just behind the moonroof.

With or Without Moldings
Most designs incorporate wireon trim and rear chrome moldings. The chrome moldings may be smooth or with snap heads. Often with the later model flush designs the wireon and moldings are left off to further enhance the sleek look.

Vinyl tops have vinyl binding. Cloth tops have the option of vinyl or cloth binding, or again for that sleeker look, no binding at all, wherein the cloth is wrapped around the shell.

With or Without Logos
Skins can be made plain or with logos in the rear sail panel/quarter area. Logos can either be embroidered into the skin, or done as metal emblems which silicone on.

We recover this vehcile shell already on the car with Grape Cloth We recovered this shell with E&G Cloth Tanwe recovered this PT cruiser with Black Cloth - Custom Top 300 SIMCOM ROOFlINCOLN 1/2 ROOFwe installed a 1/2 shell to this LInocoln - Blac
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chevelle vinyl top replacemennt
PT Cruiser Cloth Top
Car and Cleaning of your Vinyl and Cloth Tops

We recommend 303 Cleaning products ot keep you top looking good for years
We have these products in stock

1.  Wash your top with  303 Vinyl/Cloth Cleaner and rinse  completly.  A very soft bristle brush can be used if needed to get heavy dirt and bird gifts and sap off.

2. Wipe your vinyl top down - a cloth top you will have to let air dry completly before going to the next step.

3. For a vinyl top you would dress your top with 303 AeroSpace Protector.  It has the UV protectors to keep your top looking great. 
For  a Cloth top - you would apply 303 Fabric Protector per directions - remember light coats work better.

4. We also carry 303 Speed Detailer for the rest of your vehcile
Cleans, Shines Protects INSTANTLY
Good for :
Fiberglass, Paint, Glass, Plexiglass, Plastics, Chrome, Stainless Steel

   Quick, safe, easy to use
   Simple spray on, wipe dry
   Produces a high-gloss finish, instantly!
   “SPF 40” Sunscreen
   Does not streak or haze
   Repels dust, dirt, stains
   Non-Hazardous, Non-Flammable,
   Environmentally Safe

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