How to Maximize your MPG : Questions Asked and FYI and More!

How to Maximize your MPG

by Sueann Blackwell-Merrillville Auto Glass & Trim on 02/16/15

Hopefully, we can help you get more millage from your vehicle with
these 12 techniques.
1.) Find your cars best "spot" Finding it by not accelerating forcefully or timidly  - it helps by looking at your RPM and feeling the engine

2) Your are not a race car driver- Remember wind resistant reduces fuel economy. The threshold at which highway gas mileage begins to degrade is at about 50 miles per hour. You can increase efficiency by traveling below the speed limit, bit only when its feasible and doing so won't impede traffic or cause other safety issues.

3) Use your air condition strategically. AC draws power which make your engine work harder. On highway it is better to have AC on than window down causing a drag.

4) Drive steadily and smoothly. Try keeping an even keel.  On the highway using your cruse control can help you significantly improve your gas millage. Remeber all because you can go faster does not mean you should.

5) Read the road ahead-  look a conditions in front of you and sides- focus farther down the road will help you anticipate traffic lights and stops. By seeing that the light up head is going to be turning yellow - you can let up off the acceleration and slowly come to a stop- This will help you save and take a load off your brakes.

6) Plan your route - It's amazing how much gas you can save by combining trips and planning the most time efficient driving route before you go.  Also prudent planning will ensure there is sufficient range when  driving electric car.  Taking a route with mostly right turns is generally more economical than a route with a lot of left turns because you won't spend time waiting to turn across oncoming traffic.

7) Limit idling.  When your car is motionless you are getting 0 miles per gallon. Of course you can not shut your car off at lights ect.. but if you will be more than a minute, shut your engine off. unlike older carburetor cars, today's fuel injection engines don't require a long warm-up-time or use much gas to restart.  Unless you are keeping warm use the quick start-and-go to save gas.

8) Check Tire pressure - According to the EPA, letting all four tires deflate by just 1 pound per square inch (psi) will reduce gas mileage by .03 percent. Tires loose pressure over time- especially in cold weather- so make sure you check monthly.

9) Clean out your car.  Emergency supplies should be carried but other extra weight will drag down fuel economy.

10) Don't be a constant lane changer- weaving in and out - slowing down spbreeding up uses more fuel - and you really won't get their any faster. Plus, you will be making other vehicles brake unnecessarily .

11) Watch how you break- slow down nicely - not all of a sudden will save engine wear and tear and keep your brakes from premature wearing. Same goes from letting off the brake - don't floor your pedal you will be wasting gas and engine wear at the same time (your not in a speed contest)

12) Track you success.  by keeping track of your gas mileage will ultimately help you improve your frugal-driving skills.

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